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Chiropractic Services and Fees

*If you are unwell we ask you to call the clinic and if needed we can reschedule or cancel your appointment.

We do NOT charge a fee to cancel or reschedule, even on the day.

DISCLAIMER: Prices correct as at 1 July 2024.

Initial Consultation

The initial visit will involve a history, physical examination and a treatment
(if deemed safe by the Chiropractor).If x-rays are required they are bulk billed.
The first visit can take up to 45 minutes.
Standard Chiropractic Consultation

A standard appointment is the regular appointment required for patient who had
completed the initial appointment require no specialised treatment. This appointment time can take up to 15 minutes.
Extended Chiropractic Consultation

An extended consultation is required to discuss x-ray findings and a treatment plan.If specialised rehabilitation or soft tissue therapy is required this type of appointment is necessary. This visit can take up to 30 minutes.

A referral from your GP and appropriate paperwork is required. The appointment is up to 30 minutes.
Medicare rebate
Veteran Affairs

An initial consultation is required for all new patients. If x-rays are required or the patient brings images an extended consultation is required. Standard appointments are then
offered to patients.
No out of pocket expense to the DVA card holder. Cost covered by Veteran Affairs.

Acupuncture Services and Fees

Initial Acupuncture Consultation

Includes patient history, full consultation and first acupuncture treatment.

60 minutes (30 minute consult / 30 minute treatment).
Standard Acupuncture Consultation

Follow up consultation and acupuncture treatment.

30 minutes treatment.
Standard Acupuncture/ Massage Combo Consultation

Follow up consultation may include a combination of acupuncture
and cupping or massage.
45 minutes treatment.
Standard Acupuncture/ Chiropractic Combo Consultation

Follow up consultation may include a combination of acupuncture and cupping or massage and chiropractic.
45 minutes

Massage Services and Fees

Massage Consultation

Consultation and massage treatment.
30 min: from $50

60 min: from $90

90 min: from $120

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